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Michigan along with several other states have seen an increase in Covid cases. Last night the governor increased the restrictions on Gyms and martial art schools. We have really tried to do our best for our community that Jill, I, and my kids so dearly love. We mandated mask and did our part to keep kids and adults safe while they trained. It is obvious even with the mask it just isn’t enough to stop the spread of this virus. The governor imposed a 3 week shut down on our type of business. We will be evaluating our possible return. I am going to be honest reopening after 6 months off was difficult. We only had classes twice a week and our enrollment was down 70 percent and restarting after this next shutdown will be extremely difficult if not nearly impossible. This business is our income, our life and identity but I am going to do what is best for our family first. Please understand this is more painful than the first lockdown. I suspect this will go much longer than 3 weeks.
We are closed until further notice. Unfortunately I will not be doing any private trainings during this time as I will be doing other things to provide.
Love to you all.
Jerry Bomay

Corona virus and policy update:

With all the regulations coming out with Covid and contact tracing we will be requiring names as before along with phone numbers for each family. Also we are adding to our mask policy and all students and friends will have to start wearing them during class and while in the building. I know this wont reach everyone tonight so I am hoping for full compliance within a couple of classes.
Please understand I dislike this as much as everyone else but keeping a business afloat during these very difficult and I am just trying to do my best. Any negative comments will be deleted.
1 We have the floor numbered, three feet apart…. The numbers the kids stood on in the past. We have lines of numbers. If we skip every other number, we can accommodate 20 people on the floor. And have them 6 feet plus apart.
2 The seating area has been modified. There are 5 chairs in the batting cage area ( the batting cage has been pushed to the back for now). There are 5 chairs in the normal sitting area. It is up to all of us to make sure we are socially distancing in these areas. Masks will be required in these areas. If you cant wear one we understand.
3 Hand sanitizer stations set up at all key points
4 Formal lineup shoulder to shoulder won’t happen at this time
5 All students will have to wear a mask through the {and on the floor during training}.
6 We will be doing any limited sparring, and wrestling, jiu jitsu wont happen until we are completely released and confident we are doing safely.
7 Students will enter 1 at a time and immediately head to a number.
8 Students will leave 1 at a time.
9 If the temperature allows we will leave garage door open.
10 All classes will be upstairs and not in the basement. Classes will be limited at this time.
11. Students are not to arrive earlier than 5 minutes before class.
12 The fans will be constantly on to allow air movement
13. Parents and Adult students will sign a release each day agreeing to the terms and stating they are symptom free, healthy and not have been in contact with any one with covid.
14 Balls and all equipment will be sanitized after each class
15 Instructors will be at the front of the room about 10 ten feet from the closest student. Instructors will be in masks
16 vending machine will be available but you must wipe it down when you use it.
Any other ideas please leave them in the comments.
We can do this.
I will be looking for input from students and parents as we move forward. Please address any concerns with me personally and not over the internet.
Thank You
Jerry Bomay Owner/head instructor
231 519 0168

As we feel safer with our situation we will add BJJ.

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