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We teach children to be confident and have the attitude of “Yes I can!”  It is the attitude that will help them when life’s problems come their way, be it a difficult test in the classroom or a playground bully.

We help to strengthen their minds to do better in school and their future career. We monitor their progress in school by checking their report cards when they get tested for a belt. We work closely with their teachers to make sure they succeed in the classroom as well as the Dojo.

Discipline and Inner Strength
We teach them to be Disciplined, not only because they need to be disciplined to grow better in life, but also to be Disciplined enough to say No to negative peer pressure such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Fostering discipline in our students leads to an Inner Strength necessary to stand up for themselves in the face of negative peer pressure.

Think Positively
We teach them how positive life can be, if they learn to Think Positively. A positive attitude is absolutely essential for success in the world today.

Goal Oriented Training
We pinpoint specific Goals for each student. We are talking about Short Term Goals (maybe for that day or that week). Intermediate Goals (a few weeks at a time or a specific belt level) and Long Term Goals (becoming a Black Belt Role Model).  We help your child reach their goals one step at a time. They will be able to chart their progress and so will you.

Community Outreach
Bassai Karate Academy hosts events where your child will have the opportunity to meet new friends, participate in community services, and be part of something bigger.
*Road Side Clean Up  *Home-town parades  *Kick-a-thon

Your child will be part of something bigger than just a karate student.



490 Quarterline St. 
Newaygo, Michigan 49337

Phone (231) 519-0168