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Here is what people have to say about Bassai Karate Academy

"We are pleased with every aspect of the Academy.  They are so good with the kids. The instructors are great!" -- Ann Franks, Tanning Salon Owner

"Sydney is more self-confident.  Also she has gotten better at getting in there and playing the soccer and basketball games at karate because she feels good about herself (even if she misses a kick)--someone always says 'good try.'  Sydney is very proud of her accomplishments at Bassai.  We talk about respecting other at home.  I often say, "Would Sensei be proud of that choice?!" -- Ellen Loss, Child Development Consultant

"I believe your school stresses the important things in life (for example, the dojo kun) and that the environment is welcoming and supportive.  It is difficult to find such outstanding, hardworking, and dedicated male role models as your school offers." --Melissa Sutter, Homemaker

"Bassai is a great school--overall it is the type of school I was looking for.  [My children] have been training so long, it is hard to list the many improvements they have made.  If I had to pick I would say their attitudes have improved, and they can now work towards a goal."  -- Len Barringer, Photographer

"I like that education is important to the instructors, and their students are aware that education
comes first.  Anna has always done well in school, but at times I have asked the instructors
to help when Anna was having difficulties in school and they did.  I think it's great."
 --Cathy Paul, LPN



490 Quarterline St. 
Newaygo, Michigan 49337

Phone (231) 519-0168