What is Kissaki

What is Kissaki?

By Robin Short 5th Dan

What is Kissaki?

The sword was considered to be the ‘Soul’ of the Samurai, and the blade itself a venerated object of both beauty and deadly efficiency; a fusion of harmony and function.

The Kissaki is the term for the deadly sharp cutting edge of the very tip.

Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do was founded by Vince Morris, now 8th Dan of Nottingham, Great Britain in March 1993 at the behest of senior black belt members who had become disillusioned with what the “traditional” karate schools had to offer in terms of “real” fighting techniques.

At most, many karate schools boasted that they were champions of this and that competition, and they were just that, champions of a competition, where rules and regulations prohibited the use of real, effective techniques in the sporting arena. And rightly so, as these techniques were highly dangerous and some even lethal when applied properly.

‘Kissaki Kai is not like fighting an opponent, it is an execution.’

Kissaki Kai has taken karate back to its origins, past the point-scoring sports forms, and right back to the art of self-defense it once was.

Kissaki teaches the fundamental 5 elements of Combat.

1. Ne-waza – Groundwork, grappling
2. Nage-waza – Throwing techniques
3. Atemi-waza – Vital point striking
4. Shime-waza – Choking techniques
5. Kansetsu-waza – Joint Locking Techniques

The application of these waza are being guided by the Rules of Combat and the bunkai (applications) hidden in the ancient kata.

The Kissaki system is explained easily, your current karate is your hardware and Kissaki is the upgrade to your software, new features, new applications and optimization, come see what you are missing out on and upgrade and enhance your karate with all the features

Our Martial Arts programs follow a strenuous physical regime combining knowledge of the ancient ways with modern knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition and sport sciences. The physical training is coupled with an ethical code, emphasizing positive character development, respect, honor, commitment and an obligation to justice.

It’s simple: Modern karate has become a sport, using techniques which win championships at competitions, where rules and regulations prohibit the use of real, effective techniques. However, when you are being attacked in the street there will be no referee present, who shouts ‘STOP’. ‘Real techniques’ and ‘real karate’ therefore have to incorporate the often forgotten and neglected reality aspects of the martial art that karate was once intended to be.

Our Program is designed to meet the individual needs of the student based on their particular age, ability, and desire. There is no limit to what can be achieved, as the staff has the capability and experience to elevate any student to the pinnacle of Martial Arts competency. New students entering the program will be introduced to the training at a rate commensurate with their fitness level and ability.

At this beginner level you will develop increased fitness, flexibility, and a basic understanding of karate and self-defense. You will immediately realize other benefits, including stress relief, mental discipline, ability to focus, and concentrate more.

Both men and women and children will train in the same class and will immediately develop elevated confidence resulting from successful application of realistic techniques designed to thwart a variety of attacks including strikes, punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, use of weapons, and ground fighting